Shift Movement Digital AMA with SafeHaven


Hey Tyler. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us over here at Shift Movement Digital. We are excited to have you in for this AMA. I personally have been following SafeHaven for a while now and am looking forward to all that you have planned. Before we get started, can you tell us a little about who you are and what you do for SafeHaven:

My name is Tyler Doussan — Head of Community Growth — and I am located out of Mississippi, United States of America; expected duties involve educating the masses about decentralized inheritance, managing and evolving the community of Safe Haven, establishing ties with other businesses and niche audiences, direct community-led projects that gain exposure for Safe Haven (SHAmanVillage within VulcanVerse), oversee the CGM (Community Governance Model), social media awareness on multiple platforms, collaborate with the team on ideation of tech and product development, amongst other miscellaneous entities.

When did you first get involved in cryptocurrency, and what made you want to become a part of the SafeHaven team?

I entered crypto as an investor in 2018 but was never affiliated with any Crypto projects or teams. At the start of summer last year, I dove deep into crypto realms and began freelancing for multiple projects, with Safe Haven at the forefront. In the middle of September 2020, I accepted a contract presented by Safe Haven to act as Community Manager, amended to Head of Community Growth at the start of February this year. Many people do not know this, but I lost a portion of my inheritance — not crypto-related and out of my control (family matters) — in my early twenties, which drove my passion for wanting to protect those in the digital world from witnessing something similar.

Shift Movement Digital (Christian): It is always fascinating understanding how people get into crypto. Thanks for that.

How did the concept/idea of SafeHaven come about?

I was not around during the origin of the idea, but Jurgen Schouppe and Andy Demeulemeester are the brains behind it all; Jurgen has 13y+ experience as a security system engineer for the parliament, while Andy has 13y+ experience working as a full-stack developer for many international entities — communications is one of both founder’s strong points as well, being multi-lingual helps when dealing with international businesses and many cultures. Both Andy and Jurgen were experimenting with blockchain-related digital assets. Still, neither knew of how these assets could be recovered by heirs if death occurred prematurely, which evolved into innovating the first and only fully decentralized inheritance platform and tech suite that has patents pending in three jurisdictions (China, EU, US).

Shift Movement Digital (Christian): This is definitely an untapped market and something I’m glad you all are doing.

What is SafeHaven? What is Inheriti?

Safe Haven is an ecosystem of B2B2C products, all of which must utilize the $SHA token to function; each product of Safe Haven generates fees through utilization — half of the fees accumulated are sent to the utility reward pool for 80% distribution to node holders and 20% burn. In addition, the $SHA token is capable of handling decimalization, so there is no need to worry about running low on token supply in the future.

Inheriti is a decentralized inheritance and personal backup platform integrated with blockchain technology — an application that enables users to participate with no monetization of personal data — built upon a three-layer distribution process [blockchain (validator share and/or backup share sets), cold-storage (FIDO2+SSDP SafeKey Device), and the cloud (Inheriti Vault)]. Validation of protocol for Inheriti commenced on December 28th of 2020, when Red4Sec performed a Whitebox audit on the platform that proved no critical data is stored within the backend; continued validation of Inheriti’s platform will be orchestrated by Intigriti — Europe’s #1 ethical hacking and bug bounty association — who is under a 24-month contract.

Why did you all choose to build on the VeChain Thor blockchain?

Vechain has great fee delegation and MPP features, both of which are highly needed for our project to provide low gas for clients utilizing services within our product and tech suite. By adding SafeSwap to our product line, Safe Haven becomes agnostic and porting of products to non-native chains can occur with the swapping of token contracts — our token will remain VIP-180, while gaining the capability to temporarily swap for a token that is compatible with chain of choice. This opens the door for us to rebrand products, such as ThorBlock to BinBlock, which will have the same protocols but provide services to different chains (in this example, BinanceSmartChain). Also, with the addition of SafeSwap, clients will gain the ability to choose which partnered chain their validator/backup shares are stored for Inheriti plans.

Shift Movement Digital (Christian): thank you for that. I appreciate the breakdown on why SafeHaven chose VeChain.

What is Safekey? Why should individuals use it over other cold storage options such as Ledger Nano S and Trezor?

Safe Key is a FIDO2+SSDP device that enables password-less entry to online platforms, such as Facebook or crypto exchanges, with the primary focus being a compatible cold-storage device for encrypted shares derived from the secret share distribution protocols of Inheriti. To further explain, a client will be entering private keys of wallets (Ledger Nano S, Trezor, Comet, MySafeWallet, VeChainThor, Arkane, etc.) and other critical data within the inheritable data dialogue box of the Inheriti web3 platform. All data is encrypted utilizing AES-256 military-grade encryption, which is then fragmented/split into multiple shares, most of which are cold-stored for beneficiaries on SafeKey devices. At the same time, validator and backup shares are stored on the blockchain — the minimum required plan shares must be present, along with the validator share that is linked to the DMS, which are failsafe methods to prevent heirs from unlocking inheritable data prematurely. As you can see, SafeKey is not a wallet, but more so the protector of wallets; wallet providers should seek assistance rather than consider SafeKey and Inheriti as a competitor of any sort.


You currently have around 10 products; which products do you feel would appeal to new people just entering the cryptocurrency space?

I personally feel that our flagship product — Inheriti — would be most appealing to new people getting involved with crypto and digital-related assets; everyone needs decentralized inheritance or personal backup solutions, which are not limited to crypto. Clients must know any string of characters can be passed onto next of kin, such as login credentials to online platforms, trade secrets, recipes, song lyrics, and any other confidential information you deem important heirs obtain; the Inheriti platform supports decentralized inheritance of traditional and non-traditional digital assets.

A big topic of conversation is Defi and Defi lending. Is this something that SafeHaven would like to dive into if not already doing so?

All our products are a form of decentralized finance; critical data of businesses/clients utilizing products is not monetized, and all services are available at any time — any entity that provides a user with complete control over personal assets and enables them to utilize said assets on platforms with no restrictions is a decentralized finance tool. As per DeFi lending, I will never say never, but we plan to tackle inheritable liquidity pooling accounts (multiple parties having ownership to an account — “multi-party owned fund”) before lending.

Shift Movement Digital (Christian): I like that. Glad to know you all are in the Defi space

So, I must ask, as someone who is very excited for the future of SafeHaven, are there any plans for listing on new exchanges?

Yes, we are in discussions with an exchange that is starting up, which is great because they can build the framework around Inheriti integration. It will be easier to implement and act as a good model for others, but I cannot go into further detail at this moment. This will be at a later date, but just insight for the future. As per trusted exchanges that have been in business for numerous years like KuCoin, yes, we are looking at additional Tier 1 exchanges to list.

Shift Movement Digital (Christian): That is good. I am glad to see they can build around Inheriti too.

Are there any new products or updates to current products that SafeHaven investors should be on the lookout for?

SafeSwap was discussed above, but there are plenty of other advancements within our product ecosystem to review — Inheriti Mobile, Inheriti Vault, Stripe integration for the CE of Inheriti, FundRequest, BinBlock, new website launching soon, Inheriti deep-dive video series (12 videos), and the Congress in Dubai that Jurgen Schouppe and myself will attend to explain the product and tech suite of Safe Haven.

  • Inheriti Mobile — a mobile application that will enable beneficiaries to login with whitelisted SafeID account and redeem Inheriti plan shares for storage on a mobile device; Inheriti Mobile provides an alternative storage method for plan shares of a decentralized inheritance or personal backup plan, which reduces the total amount of SafeKey devices needed.
  • Inheriti Vault — the Inheriti Vault has two versions, HashiCorp and Negotium Network, but we are only developing the HashiCorp version at the moment; Inheriti Vault (HashiCorp) will enable protected cloud storage of secrets and passwords, which is where the encrypted shares will be stored for beneficiaries to retrieve via Inheriti Mobile.
  • Stripe integration for the Community Edition of Inheriti — we have started development on stripe integration for the CE of Inheriti, which will enable clients to pay for plans with any supported payment method offered by stripe, such as fiat, which will be converted to $SHA to follow protocol as intended for token distribution and burn as utilization occurs.
  • FundRequest — this is an open-source platform we acquired near the end of 2020, which is porting to BinanceSmartChain and enables developers to outsource dev/code-work on smart contracts via GitHub; clients can utilize FundRequest to pay users in tokens for the work completed — I think of it as the ‘Fiverr’ of the blockchain for developers.
  • BinBlock — this is a rebrand of our original ThorBlock product, which will port to BinanceSmartChain and provide the same services on a different chain; our “Block” product enables fundraising, charity drives, and ICO pooling options.
  • New website — we have updated our branding/marketing model and moodboard, such as new vibrant colors, a strict family of font styles, updated logos, and revamping
    of current Safe Haven website; we plan to have the new website launched before the 7th Agora Blockchain Congress, hosted in Dubai.
  • Inheriti Deep Dive Series — a series of videos that provide insights on digital inheritance, why
    it is important, the best plan of action examples, barriers one may face without obtaining proper jurisdiction guidance from a licensed attorney, and many other interesting takeaways.
  • Gold Sponsor of Agora’s 7th Global Blockchain Congress — Safe Haven will be presenting the innovative tech of Inheriti amongst some of the most brilliant minds in the world, hosted at
    Dubai. shortly

Thanks, Tyler. Great getting to talk to you more about Safe Haven. I appreciate your time and looking forward to having you on the podcast soon to continue the conversation.




Shift Movement Digital is an investment management firm that is working to educate the public on cryptocurrency.

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Shift Movement Digital is an investment management firm that is working to educate the public on cryptocurrency.

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